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TruFix Review – What Is It and What Does It Do?

TruFix Review – What Is It and What Does It Do?

  • Can Truvision TruFix help with weight loss? Read our detail review on TruFix to help you understand if this product worth your money or not.


What is TruFix?

TruFix is something that is said to be able to fix the chemistry of your blood. This is a concept that is rather vague, but it also may be beneficial to all systems of the body.

This is a product that is supposed to fix your blood chemistry. It does this by using special ingredients in their formula. However, each of the ingredients is natural, so they are less likely to harm the body.

Here’s a look at what that means and other details you may want to know.

Who makes TruFix?

TruVision Health makes TruFix. They make other products that are for health and wellness as well.

TruFix Claims

The company claims that this product can do a number of different things for the body. It should be able to keep your metabolism at a healthy level and can provide energy.

TruFix Ingredients

There are many noteworthy ingredients found in this supplement, which are worth a second look.

  • Chromium – This is a mineral that is found in food. It is important for the body and it can also in terms of maintaining healthy body weight. This is something that is being checked out in lab settings according to Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology.
  • Chlorogenic Acid – This acid is also something that is generally in the human diet. It is suited to slow down the absorption of fat by the body. It is mentioned in the European journal of nutrition for its anti-obesity connections.
  • Alpha Lipoid Acid – This is a type of acid that is getting a lot of attention lately because there is a possible link between it and being able to keep from developing hypertension, which is discussed in Biochinica et biophysica acta.
  • Raspberry Ketones – Ketones are something that can help the body break down fat. As the name suggests, this type comes from raspberries may be able to keep you from gaining weight, especially when you follow a healthy diet.
  • Selenium – This is another mineral that can be found in foods and is quite healthy for your system. It is not only an antioxidant, but it might protect you from heart disease, which was researched and mentioned in The American journal of clinical nutrition. It can also keep your immune system working properly.


Does TruFix work?

There are serious ingredients in this formula, which may be able to work for some. On the other hand, they might not make much difference for others.

There is some serious research being done into some of the ingredients found in TruFix, which can be a good thing.

For example, these pills contain green coffee bean extract, which The British Journal of Nutrition discussed is something that may be able to lessen body weight and the amount of fat on your body.


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TruFix Results

Although the supplement isn’t really designed to be a weight loss supplement, the ingredients suggest that you can lose weight when you take it. There are people that have lost weight using this product.

Taking TruFix

You are supposed to take this pill two times a day, once with breakfast and once with lunch. It is said to be more likely to work when you pair it with the other supplement the company makes called TruControl. This supplement is supposed to give you energy and should be taken with breakfast.

Possible TruFix Side Effects

When you take TruFix, there are a couple of mild side effects that you may experience. One is headaches and another is a racing heart. These are mild and should not be a long-lasting issue. If they plague you, you may want to see a doctor make sure that everything is okay.

TruFix Warnings

There aren’t any specific warnings that are important to remember with this pill. However, no one under 18 should take it and women that are pregnant or breastfeeding should stay away as well.
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Where to Purchase TruFix?

You can buy this supplement, as well as TruControl on the company’s website or on other online marketplaces.


Q: What are side effects of TruFix?

Some side effects people had when they used TruFix were changes in mood, nausea, and headaches.

Q: What does TruFix contain?

Some of the ingredients in this supplement are raspberry ketones, selenium, zinc, copper, and magnesium.

Q: What is the active ingredient in TruFix?

A: The active ingredient in this formula is alpha lipoic acid.

Q : Does TruFix work?

A: There isn’t a lot of information regarding on how the program works. It may work for some and not for others and results will most likely vary.

Q : How much does TruFix cost?

A: One bottle costs around $43 dollars.

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Q : How do I take TruFix?

A: You can choose to take one or two pills daily, depending on your needs and how your body responds to the supplement.

Q : Where can I purchase TruFix?

A: You can buy TruFix online through the retailer.

Q : What are complaints with TruFix?

A: Some felt that TruFix did not help when it came to weight loss.

Q : Who is the maker of TruFix?

A: TruFix is made by TruVision Health. They make a few different types of supplements.

Q : Is there a guarantee with TruFix?

A: There is a guarantee when it comes to TruFix. You can return the product within 10 days for a 90% refund.
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Bottom Line

This supplement may be able to help you lose weight and take better care of yourself. There are many options like this out there, but this one is not specifically formulated for losing weight.

Instead, it is to help you control your blood chemistry, which really indicates that it can be something that will work long term. There are those that have used it and got positive results, but this is not something you should expect to happen.

It may not work for everyone. On the other hand, the ingredients are real and there is another supplement to use in conjunction with TruFix, which can increase the chances that it works successfully.

If you are looking for something to help you boost your metabolism and allow you to start losing weight in a healthy way, this is certainly an option. It is not too pricey and it is just a matter of taking a few pills.

TruFix can be purchased through their Official Site.


Easy to purchase

It comprises of natural ingredients.


Lack of clinical evidence supporting weight loss (ingredients).

Potential side effects from the ingredients

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