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Thrive Patch Review – Is Thrive Safe & Legitimate?

Thrive Patch Review – Is Thrive Safe & Legitimate?

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  • Can you lose weight with Thrive Patch? The following article reviews the real facts, side effects, results, ingredients & price.


What is Thrive Patch?

The Thrive Patch is a patch you put on your skin that gives you a powerful dose of patented Thrive Lifestyle formula. There are also other types of patches that you can purchase from this company.

The Thrive Patch is part of a system called Thrive. This is a complete weight loss program, in which you take advantage of different tools and supplements.

The patch is one part of Thrive and is to be used during certain parts of the process. Keep reading for more information on this patch, including how it works.

Thrive Patch

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Who owns Thrive Patch?

An American multi-level marketing company called LeVel owns Thrive Patch and the Thrive system.

This organization was founded in 2013 by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, two men with 40 years of experience in the health and wellness arena. They wanted to create products that fit many different types of lifestyles and were easy to use.

What is LV Life?

LV Life is a system LeVel created to show you how the products work and how they can improve your health. It refers to the type of life that sellers and people that take the supplements can live.

What is Thrive 1-2-3?

This term describes the LeVel diet system and how it works. There are 3 main products to use, which include capsules, shakes, and the Thrive Patches.

How do you use Thrive Patch?

The Thrive Patch is placed on the skin, where you absorb the formula. It is to be worn for 24 hours before you need to change out the patch. This delivery system may make the product more effective than supplements you have to take orally.

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Thrive Patch Ingredients

Here is a look at some of the ingredients of Thrive Patch.

  • Green Coffee Extract – This extract is something that has been used for a few years because it is thought to help with weight loss. In fact, it has been studied and the research found that it may be a helper when it comes to losing a small amount of weight.
  • Garcinia cambogia – This fruit has been the subject of a lot of research and it continues to be researched to see the full effect of how it can help with weight loss. It is thought to be a good appetite suppressant, which is something that may help you eat less, therefore ingesting fewer calories.
  • CoQ10 – There is evidence in Neuromuscular Disorders to suggest that CoQ10 may have a positive effect on cycle exercise aerobic capacity and post-exercise lactate. It does not affect strength or resting lactate
  • White Willow Bark – White willow bark is what aspirin was originally made from. It is a pain reliever and it comes from a willow tree, so it is natural. This is why many people take it, instead of taking something that is more like a pharmaceutical pill.
  • Green Tea Extract – Green tea is a type of tea that is popular all around the world. It has caffeine, so it is able to give you an energy boost. It may also be able to help you burn fat or calories. There are many experiments that have been done to test this. Some results have shown that it is effective to use when you are trying to lose weight while others show no real effect.
  • Cayenne Pepper – This is another substance that may be able to suppress your appetite and help you lose weight. In review in Bioscience Reports indicates its anti-obesity properties and its great health benefits.


Does Thrive Patch work?

There is a chance that the Thrive Patch will work for you, but there is also a chance it won’t. Since it is part of a larger wellness program, you may need to utilize other Thrive products to see a difference.

It does have ingredients that are thought to suppress appetite and burn fat, but at the same time, many products are not taken through the skin. This is something you will have to try to see what will happen.

What is Dermal Fusion Technology?

This patch system uses a technology called DFT, or Dermal Fusion Technology. This simply means the ingredients enter the body through the skin, instead of through the stomach.

Thrive Patch Cost

Unless you sell these patches or know someone that does, it is not easy to find an exact price. They retail for at least $20-50. There isn’t much information surrounding it available.

Thrive Patch Side Effects

There is no reason to expect side effects, although you should be sure that you aren’t likely to have a reaction to any of the ingredients before you try to place a patch on your skin.

You should also remember that the patch contains caffeine, which may cause you problems if you are a big coffee or tea drinker too.

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Who should use Thrive Patch?

All adults can use Thrive Patch, especially if they are at least moderately active. You will need to get up and move if you are going to be using this patch. Otherwise, it may cause you to feel jittery or anxious.
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What does Thrive Patch do?

The Thrive Patch uses DFT, or Derma Fusion Technology so that the ingredients in the formula seep in through your skin. You don’t have to take a pill.

What are the side effects of Thrive Patch?

There are no common side effects. However, it does have an adhesive, which may irritate your skin, especially if you commonly have issues with that type of thing.

Where do I purchase Thrive Patch?

You can purchase this patch on the LeVel website. You may also purchase it from someone you know that sells this brand’s products.

What does Thrive Patch contain?

Thrive Patch not only has a lot of ingredients that have been widely studied for effectiveness, like CoQ10, Garcinia Cambogia, and Green tea extract, but it also has a proprietary blend that is called ForsLean.

Is Thrive Patch part of a bigger program?

You can use the Thrive Patch by itself if you want to, but it is also sold in a larger system, which is designed to be used for around 8 weeks. You can visit the company’s website to learn more about the program.

How do I use Thrive Patch?

You simply place it on your skin. All you have to do is clean the area first and then wear it for as long as directed.

Final Word

Not only does Thrive Patch offer something different from many products out there, but it is also easy to use. You don’t have to worry about taking a bunch of diet pills since you just place it on your skin.

There are also other products from the maker that you can try out, which may equate to a greater chance of success when it comes to losing weight. It is something that is worth trying if you want.

Be sure to exercise and drink water with this product though, since it has powerful ingredients that soak in through your skin. This is a much different process than traditional tablets.
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You may experience improved mental performance.

Increases energy and reduces appetite.


Reported side-effects include skin irritation from adhesive.

You may experience anxiety and headache.

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