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Apptrim Review – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Apptrim Review – What Is It and How Does It Work?

  • Is the Apptrim for real? Is it safe and effective? Find out on our review of ingredients, benefits, possible side effects & research.

What is AppTrim?

AppTrim is a weight control supplement and precisely a medical food that may help improve the symptoms of obesity, as purported by its manufacturer. It is specifically designed to help meet the nutritional deficit in people who are struggling with excessive weight.

The product supposedly supplies key amino acids and specific nutrients that findings reveal are often in deficient levels in obese people.

In addition, the formulation may also play a role in improving the natural production of special neurotransmitters that research indicates may influence the mechanisms of appetite and feeling hungry.

The manufacturer, AppTrim, also highlights that this so-called medical food is made in the U.S. and in a cGMP accredited facility, suggesting that it might be safe.

AppTrim Ingredients and Why it Matters

This medical food for supporting weight loss has a long list of ingredients, most of them have been scientifically reviewed and a few are yet to have lab tests behind their claims.

The constituents in AppTrim include:

  • Proprietary Amino Acid Formulation – This ingredient is said to play a role in supporting the production of appetite-regulating neurotransmittersin the brain. There’s limited scientific research to support this.
  • L-Tyrosine – Is a common component in cognitive support products but may support a trimmed body shape as suggested by some sources. However, an article in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise indicates that it may improve appetite. But again, the same study again points out that it may increase a person’s tolerance during exercisethereby allowing more fats to be used.
  • L-Glutamic Acid – Has many pieces of research done on it to check it’s health benefits. One study in the journal Nutrients has a title suggesting that it may reduce obesityand particularly influence the waist circumference.
  • Hydrolyzed Whey Protein – Indicated to have weight supporting benefits, in particular helping to manage Android Fat in overweight people mostly women, a claim that is supported in the Journal of Food Science and Technology.
  • L-Histidine – May help in the prevention of metabolic syndromeand obesity. One study report in the Open Heart journal points out that Whey Protein was associated with loss of body fat in older women.

AppTrim Review – Does it Work?

The company behind this anti-obesity dietary supplement seems so confident with it and points out that yes, it has worked for most of their users. It’s working principle is that it addresses the key nutritional deficiencies in obese people.

It does this by supporting the body’s natural function of specific amino acids and certain components, particularly enhancing their production.

Besides, it may influence the natural communication between the brain and the stomach through supporting the manufacture of neurotransmitters that are vital in transmitting neuronal messages.

Because of this, users are likely to experience reduced carb cravings and suppressed appetite.

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What are the Pros of AppTrim?

  • Said to support the production of healthy transmitters to improve nervous communication
  • Might help improve the symptoms of obesity

What are the Cons of AppTrim?

  • New buyers are required to fill a Patient Assistance Form when ordering this product
  • It focuses more on helping to treat obesity-related weight issues and not ordinary weight


Q: How Much Does AppTrim Cost?

A: To get this information on the official site, users need to feel an eForm or create an online ordering account. However, other distributors have it at $60 for a 120 capsules bottle.

Q: How Should You Take AppTrim?

A: The recommended dosage for adults is 2 capsules twice per day, preferably in the mid-morning and the remaining two in the mid-afternoon. As a prescription drug, take as directed by your physician.

Q: Who Should Avoid Taking it?

A: The group of people not allowed to take this diet pill without the approval of their doctor are pregnant or breastfeeding mothers or people who are under medication.

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Q: Should You Buy AppTrim?

A: The fact that this product promises to help resolve the problem of obesity, makes it one product you want to try out if you’ve been struggling with overweight.
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AppTrim Review – The Bottom Line

The approach with which this anti-obesity dietary supplement claims to combat excessive weight seems to make biological sense. That’s it allows you to be in charge of your appetite, so you are not driven by cravings. It may improve amino acid levels which may help control cravings.

It may also help decrease the user’s daily overall caloric intake; hence reduce the number of fats that end up being stored in the body.

The maker mentions that this product uses an ingredient technology that promotes the conversion of amino acids into important neurotransmitters that may influence communication between the brain and the stomach, consequently suppressing hunger.

However, some of the drawbacks that seem to disadvantage AppTrim include the fact that users need to be supervised constantly by a qualified health practitioner.

This may mean it might cause unwanted consequences even if the manufacturer has not come out clear on that.

The other concern is that it mostly sounds like an obesity treatment solution. Meaning if you are not yet rated as obese and want to shed weight or for that matter control your body mass, this product sounds like it’s not for such use.

It’s also not clear whether it creates a reliance on it, and whether ceasing to use it as recommended may discontinue the benefits.

The good part is, obesity support and weight-reducing supplements are many like Optavia, 1st Phorm and Skinny Fit, so you can check online for better alternatives ones.


It may help reduce appetite.

Said to help manage emotional eating.


Its use requires ongoing supervision from a qualified physician.

It may not work instantly and users may have to wait long for the results.

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