Slenderiix & Xceler8 Reviews – Is It a Hoax or Really Worth?

Considering buying Slenderiix & Xceler8? We tried a few products & provided and in-depth review to help you decide if it's the right product for you.
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In this comprehensive overview, we examine Slenderiix & Xceler8, popular dietary supplements. Our objective is to analyze their ingredients, evaluate supporting evidence, and assess potential side effects.

Whether you’re considering these supplements or seeking information, our article offers valuable insights for an informed decision on their efficacy and safety as weight management solutions.

What Is Slenderiix & Xceler8?

Although Slenderiix & Xceler8 come in a single packaging, they are actually two products that work toward the same goal – helping you to lose the extra pounds and maintain optimal weight.

Xceler8 can boost your metabolism and help you burn fat and lose weight, while Slenderiix is a homeopathic formula that can assist with weight management.

Slenderiix & Xceler8
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Slenderiix & Xceler8


Considering buying Slenderiix & Xceler8? We tried a few products & provided and in-depth review to help you decide if it’s the right product for you.

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How We Tested Slenderiix & Xceler8?

At The Diet Insiders Research, our assessment of Slenderiix & Xceler8 followed our rigorous criteria for health products.

We thoroughly evaluated the product’s quality, ensuring it met stringent safety standards and had undergone studies validating its effectiveness.

We also considered the user-friendliness of the supplement, prioritizing its convenience for customers.

Our analysis included an assessment of its value for money, checking for hidden costs or discounts, and evaluating the privacy measures in place to safeguard customer information during health data storage and payment processing.

Slenderiix & Xceler8 Specification Insight

manufacturemanufacture Slenderiiz
made-inmade in USA
typetype Dietary supplement
serving-sizeserving size Take 15 drops.
serving per bottleEve 50ml
main-benefitsmain benefits Supports weight loss, Boosts metabolism, Suppresses appetite.
key-ingredientkey ingredient Avena Sativa, Nux Vomica, Vitamin B12, Biotin.
allergen-warningallergen warning Contains no common allergens.
safety-informationsafety information Consult a healthcare practitioner before use, keep out of reach of children, Not recommended for individuals under 18 years.
priceprice $176.00 (one-time purchase) Offers A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Who Makes Slenderiix & Xceler8?

Slenderiix & Xceler8 is a part of the Slenderiiz weight loss system designed and distributed by a company called Arix.

The product comes in the form of drops and also includes a program, as well as an approved food list, that you should stick to for optimal results.

Slenderiix & Xceler8 is expertly produced in a cutting-edge US facility, registered and strictly follows GMP guidelines.

Slenderiix & Xceler8 and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

  • It is Accredited in 2015.
  • Impressive A+ rating.

Take a look at these inspiring before and after photos shared by our satisfied customers:

Slenderiix & Xceler8 Before Picture Slenderiix & Xceler8 After Picture

Slenderiix & Xceler8 Before and After Results(Credit- Slenderiix & Xceler8 Official Site)

How Does Slenderiix & Xceler8 Work?

When it comes to the working process of Slenderiix & Xceler8, we should mention that they work in different ways, which is why the manufacturer claims they give optimal results combined.

Xceler8 is used to boost energy and metabolism, which may lead to accelerated fat burning and weight loss. The energy blend may support losing weight, while vitamin B12 and some other ingredients might improve energy levels.

On the other hand, Slenderiix is advertised as a homeopathic weight management formula, which suggests that it has the role of maintaining current weight and preventing you to gain additional pounds.

Some of the included ingredients may promote digestion and help you to deal with minor hunger cravings.

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What Are the Ingredients in Slenderiix & Xceler8?

As we mentioned, there are two components of this system and the ingredients of these products are different. First, let’s take a look at some of the active ingredients of Slenderiix:

Avena Sativa (6X)

It is also known as oat straw, this plant has been used in traditional medicine for a long time. It can promote digestion, boost cardiovascular health and energy while potentially playing a role in putting you in a better mood[1].

Nux Vomica (6X)

It is used as a natural remedy for a long time, this compound has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics to fight inflammation and protect cells from environmental harm. It is believed that it can stimulate digestion and help with digestive issues[2].

Fucus Vesiculosus (6X)

You can find this seaweed in some soups and salads. It may improve thyroid function and boost metabolism, which may play a role in burning fat. As we referenced in our review of Totallifechanges Resolution, Fucus Vesiculosis has anti-inflammatory properties and might help in the reduction of growth of tumors [3].

Sulfuricum Acidum (6X)

Sulfuricum acidum is a homeopathic remedy with unknown safety and effectiveness. Limited information is available regarding its use for various conditions [4].

Graphites (6X)

Graphites are graphite pellets commonly used in homeopathy. however, It is crucial to remember that there is no scientific evidence to support their usefulness for weight loss. Additionally, the National Institutes of Health highlights that graphites are not approved by the FDA [5].

Other Ingredients

Other ingredients include ammonium bromatum, Calcarea carbonica, Ignatia Amara, Lycopodium clavatum, and thyroidinum. Inactive components are natural flavors, purified water, stevia leaf, and grain alcohol 20%.

As for Xceler8, you may expect to find the following compounds in the formula:

Xceler8 Supplement Fact

Xceler8 Supplement Fact

Vitamin B12 (600mcg)

This nutrient may boost endurance and energy, as well as improve performance. It also can decrease heart disease and dementia risk by maintaining the health of blood and nerve cells [6].

Biotin (100mcg)

Also known as vitamin B7, this nutrient helps to break down fats and convert them into energy. It may also help to suppress inflammation and promote cognitive functions [7].

Rosehips Fruit Extract (10mg)

It may help to optimize cholesterol levels and blood pressure, as well as to optimize digestion [8].

Acerola Fruit (2.5mg)

Acerola fruit is a natural ingredient known for its high vitamin C content, which can support overall health and immune function [9].

Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract (37.5mg)

Rhodiola rosea root extract is a botanical ingredient that has been traditionally used for its adaptogenic properties, which may help reduce stress and support energy levels [10].

The active ingredients are also proprietary energy blend that includes green tea leaf extract, and fresh ashwagandha root extract. Other compounds in the formula include peppermint leaf oil, stevia leaf extract, water, and vegetable glycerin

Similar Products

What Are the Pros and Cons of Slenderiix & Xceler8?


  • non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients.
  • The product might be helpful to prevent further weight gain
  • Some ingredients can promote optimal digestion


  • The product requires you to stick to the provided program for optimal results
  • The product might not be effective to combat moderate or severe hunger cravings
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  • Supports Dieting & Exercise.
  • ‍ Vegan Friendly.
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Slenderiix & Xceler8 Side Effects

Slenderiiz shows promising results as there are no significant reported side effects.

Although a few users mentioned side effects, they didn’t specify any common symptoms like headaches or nausea often associated with dietary supplements.

Overall, it appears to have a favorable safety profile according to user experiences.

Slenderiix & Xceler8 Comparable Products

Slenderiix & Xceler8 have numerous alternatives available, each offering distinct ingredients and claimed health benefits. These alternatives encompass superfood powders, multivitamins, and various dietary supplements.


Slenderiix & Xceler8


Slendarol image PhenterPro SR image Slenderiix & Xceler8 image

Overall Rating

4.9/55starRating Star
3.8/54star Rating Star
3.7/54star Rating Star

Brand Philosophy

Aims natural weight loss solution Focus to suppress appetite and boost metabolism A natural approach to weight loss using homeopathic ingredients

Main Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean.

Phentermine (prescription-strength appetite suppressant)

Avena Sativa, Nux Vomica, Vitamin B12, Biotin.

Product Form




Target Market

support and weight loss

A prescription-strength appetite suppressant for weight loss

Individuals looking for a homeopathic approach to weight loss

Scientific Evidence

limited studies supporting their effectiveness

Supported by clinical studies indicating the efficacy of phentermine

Limited scientific studies specifically on the product

Side Effects

No reported serious side effects

May cause increased blood pressure, insomnia

Headaches and digestive discomfort


$19.90 for a 30-day supply

$67.00 for a 30-day supply

$176.00 for a 30-day supply


Sold On Official website

Sold On Official website, Amazon, or Walmart

Sold on Official website, Amazon, or Walmart


Official website AmazonWalmart AmazonWalmart


Q. How to Use Slenderiix & Xceler8?

A.The instructions indicate that both products should be taken two times per day – before breakfast and lunch. You should take Slenderiix first, but make sure not to drink or eat anything 10 minutes before and after using the product. Measure 0.7ml, which is approximately 15 drops, and put under the tongue. Keep it there for ten seconds and swallow.

When it comes to Xceler8, the dosage is 1ml and you need to take it 10 minutes after using Slenderiix. As soon as you take Xceler8, you can proceed with your meal.

Q. Who Should Avoid Taking This Drop?

A.There are no particular warnings about using Slenderiix & Xceler8, but the label indicates that you should keep it out of children’s reach. It also says that the product is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women.

Q. What’s the Return Policy?

A.The manufacturer is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with the product, contact the company and return it within 30 days of the original purchase for a full refund.

Q. Where Is Slenderizz Company Based?

A.Slenderizz products distributed by Ariix Company is based in Bountiful, Utah, with an address at 563 W 500 S Ste 300
Bountiful, UT 84010. The customer service phone number is 801-813-3000 and their email address is [email protected].

Q. Where Can You Buy Slenderiix & Xceler8?

A.You can purchase this product on the manufacturer’s official website or from third party website like amazon and walmart.

Q. How Much Does Slenderiix & Xceler8 Cost?

A.If you go through the Ariix website, a single pack of the Slenderiiz weight loss system will cost you $164.21. This package includes a bottle of Slenderiix and a bottle of Xceler8 and both of them come with separate droppers.

Q. Is Slenderiix & Xceler8 Legit or Scam?

A.Slenderiix & Xceler8 is a real Slenderiiz product that promises to Controls appetite & Stimulates metabolism.

Q. Does Slenderiix & Xceler8 Really Work?

A.According to some customer reviews, this diet pill ingredients are beneficial in alleviating digestive problems such as bloating and gas.

Q. Is Slenderiix & Xceler8 FDA Approved?

A.Slenderiix & Xceler8 is not FDA-authorized or regulated, Slenderizz assures that the product is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Q. Should You Buy Slenderiix & Xceler8?

A.The manufacturer not only designed the formula of two products that should help you achieve and manage your desired weight, but they also came up with a program and an approved food list. While this may be positive because you get pretty much the entire weight loss plan, it may also be a drawback since you need to follow a lot of guidelines for optimal results.

Slenderiix & Xceler8 Customer Reviews

Slenderiix & Xceler8 Real Reviews – I lost 11 pounds in 14 Days(Video Credit: YouTube)

Video Summarize

“In this YouTube video titled “I lost 11 pounds in 14 Days”, the Kathryn May shares her experience with the Slenderize program and how it helped her lose weight.

She explains that she felt stuck in her weight loss journey and decided to try the program as an external motivator.

The program involves taking two bottles of Slenderize, tracking food intake, and following a 1250-calorie diet.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of counting calories, portion control, drinking water, and regular exercise. She also discusses the benefits of using the MyFitnessPal app and the weight loss supplement Rejuvenix.

Overall, she achieved impressive results of losing 11 pounds in 14 days and highlights the importance of commitment and consistency in achieving success with any weight loss program.”

Overall, keep in mind that individual supplement experiences might vary, and it is always suggested to contact a healthcare expert before starting any new dietary supplement.

The Bottom Line

Slenderiix & Xceler8 offers an approach to weight loss that is a bit different than what we might be used to. This is a mixture of two products that come in the form of drops and can help to both achieve the desired weight and maintain it.

On the other hand, if you want optimal results, you should stick to the provided program and approved food list, which some users may consider a hassle.

The system can boost your energy and fat burning, but when it comes to combating hunger cravings, its effectiveness may be limited.

Ultimately, Slenderiix & Xceler8 can support weight loss, but it can be tricky to measure the exact dosage amount with the dropper provided.

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Slenderiix & Xceler8 Reviews – Is It a Hoax or Really Worth?
3.7 / 5.0
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