TLC Resolution Drops Review – Is It a Hoax or Worthy?

TLC Resolution Drops is designed for individuals who want to lose weight safely, with little to no change in their daily routine. Read more in our review here!
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TLC Resolution Drops offer a holistic approach to weight loss as a popular liquid supplement. With its specialized formula, these drops target various aspects of weight management.

In this overview, we’ll explore the working mechanism of Resolution Drops by TLC, discuss pricing and anticipated outcomes, meal plan and provide insights on where to find it at competitive prices.

By the end, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of whether TLC Resolution Drops align with your weight loss goals and can be a suitable choice for your journey.

What Is TLC Resolution Drops?

TLC Resolution Drops aim to help users achieve their weight-loss goals. The drops benefits which are :

  • Suppress the appetite.
  • It can help lower anxiety.
  • Improve positive mood.
  • Help to control your cravings.

In other TLC Resolution Drops benefits, this product provides the body with healthy nutrients that improve overall health and wellness.

TLC Resolution Drops
Editor’s Rating
3.8 / 5.0
Overall Rating

TLC Resolution Drops


TLC Resolution Drops contain several ingredients which suppress hunger by making the stomach feel more full.
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3.8/ 5



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value for cost


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3.9 / 5


How We Tested TLC Resolution Drops?

At The Diet Insiders Research, we conducted a thorough evaluation of TLC Resolution Drops. Our assessment focused on ensuring the product’s quality and adherence to strict safety standards.

We confirmed its effectiveness through studies and assessed its user-friendliness with intuitive and convenient features for customers.

Our evaluation included assessing value for money, checking for hidden costs or discounts, and evaluating privacy measures for secure storage of health data and payment processing to prioritize customer information protection.

TLC Resolution Drops Specification Insight

manufacturemanufacture Total Life Changes LLC
made-inmade in USA
typetype Dietary supplement
serving-sizeserving size 10 drops.
serving per bottleEve 60ml
main-benefitsmain benefits Supports weight loss, Suppresses appetite, Boosts metabolism.
key-ingredientkey ingredient Fucus Vesiculosis, Avena Sativa, Lycopodium Clavatum, Calcarea Carbonica.
allergen-warningallergen warning None.
safety-informationsafety information Consult a healthcare practitioner before use, keep out of reach of children, Not recommended for individuals under 18 years.
priceprice $59.95 (Offers A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.).

Who Makes TLC Resolution Drops?

The manufacturer of TLC Resolution Drops is an organization called Total Life Changes, LLC. CEO Jack Fallon started it in 1999, and they have their headquarters in Ira Township, Michigan.

In addition, they have an office in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The organization focuses on both nutritional supplements and skin care.

Resolution Drops and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

  • Accredited since 2018.
  • Impressive A+ rating.
  • 2.56/5 star average customer review (based on 33 reviews)
  • 74 complaints closed in past three years.
  • 3 cases closed in past year.

How Does TLC Resolution Drops Work?

TLC Resolution Drops [1]contain several ingredients which suppress hunger by making the stomach feel more full. An example is Avena Sativa, which contains a lot of fibre.

It tends to expand in the gastrointestinal system, fooling your body into thinking you don’t want any more to eat.

An article in Pharmacology of Medicinal Plants examined the nutritional and therapeutic importance of Avena Sativa.

  • It affects mood, lessening feelings of stress.
  • Increase levels of key neurotransmitters like dopamine.
  • Elevated emotions can slow mood-based eating and help with weight loss.

We researched on an article in Nutrition and Metabolism concluded that there is a link between low dopamine levels and obesity.

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What Are the Ingredients in TLC Resolution Drops?

This product contains 7 key ingredients. Let’s explore them and delve into the science behind their effectiveness. Here are some of the primary active TLC Resolution Drops ingredients:

Fucus Vesiculosis (6X)

This is a seaweed which grows along the coasts of most of the major oceans. It has medicinal properties and can to treat conditions like arthritis and thyroid diseases. In addition, some think that it’s an effective treatment for obesity.
A study in the Indian Journal of Research in Homeopathy found that this substance can prevent obesity in rats. It has potential anti-inflammatory properties and might help in the reduction of growth of tumors, blood sugar levels, and the risk of heart disease [2].

Avena Sativa (6X)

This is another name for the common oat, which is nutrient-rich and healthy for the body. It’s high in fiber, which expands in your stomach to make you feel as if you’re full.

For this reason, it can help with weight loss. A study in Nutrition Research concluded that Avena Sativa can reduce intestinal fat deposits [3].

Avena sativa, or oat, has been shown to help with weight loss by suppressing appetite and increasing feelings of fullness.
Dr. Michael Greger, M.D., FACLM,

Lycopodium Clavatum (6X)

This is a plant in the club moss family which has potent medicinal properties. According to Science Direct, it’s high in antioxidants and can treat kidney, lung, gastrointestinal and bronchial disorders. It may be an effective remedy for obesity, and it could be a good fat-burner [4].

Calcarea Carbonica (6X)

Calcarea Carbonica is a homeopathic remedy used for weight loss in individuals who tend to be overweight, sluggish, and have a craving for sweets. It may also address digestive issues and promote overall well-being [5].

Calcium is a key mineral for weight loss. It helps to boost metabolism, increase fat burning, and reduce appetite.
Dr. Michael Zemel, Ph.D.

Graphites (6X)

Graphites, another homeopathic remedy, is often recommended for weight loss when there is a tendency to gain weight due to hormonal imbalances, sluggish metabolism, and constipation. It may also help improve skin health [6].

Ignatia Amara (6X)

Ignatia Amara is primarily used for emotional eating and food cravings associated with stress, grief, or emotional upheaval. It may support weight loss efforts by addressing the underlying emotional factors that contribute to overeating [7].

Sulfuricum Acidum (6X)

Sulfuricum Acidum is a homeopathic remedy that may be beneficial for weight loss when there is a tendency towards excessive hunger, food cravings, and indigestion. It may help improve metabolism and digestion [8].

Thyroidinum (6X)

Thyroidinum, derived from the thyroid gland, is commonly used in homeopathy for weight loss when there is an underlying thyroid imbalance. It may help regulate thyroid function and support healthy metabolism [9].

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What Are the Pros and Cons of TLC Resolution Drops?


  • May stop hunger pangs.
  • This product could elevate your mood and reduce anxiety.
  • May give the body needed nutrients.
  • It could strengthen overall immunity.


  • Only available in official website.
  • Possible occurrence of side effects.
  • It is an expensive product.
  • Some users said the taste was unpleasant.
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Does TLC Resolution Drops Have Any Side Effects?

There are some mild TLC Resolution Drops side effects which could occur as a result of some of the ingredients in this product. These are some side effects:

  • Bloating and gas.
  • Dizziness.
  • Anxiety.
  • Jaw and neck spasms.
  • Restlessness.
  • Twitching.
  • Muscle tension.
  • Back stiffness.
  • Breathing difficulty.

TLC Resolution Drops Comparable Products

While numerous online products claim to support gut health and weight management like Bio X4, only a select few possess the precise ingredient blend required for optimal results.


TLC Resolution Drops


PhenQ image LeanBean image Liposet image

Overall Rating

4.9/55starRating Star
4.0/54star Rating Star
3.8/54star Rating Star

Brand Philosophy

Focuses on digestive support formula Providing a natural fat burner for women Providing a dietary supplement for weight loss

Main Ingredients

Probiotic blend, green tea extract, Caralluma Fimbriata.

Konjac fiber, choline, green coffee, turmeric, black pepper

Fucus Vesiculosis, Avena Sativa, Lycopodium Clavatum.

Product Form




Target Market

Digestive support and weight loss

Women looking for a natural fat burner

A dietary supplement for weight loss

Scientific Evidence

limited studies supporting their effectiveness

Some ingredients have known health benefits

Limited scientific studies specifically on the product

Side Effects

No reported serious side effects

May cause muscle cramps, brittle nails

May cause digestive discomfort, nausea, and jitteriness


$99.00 for a 30-day supply

$59.00 for a 30-day supply

$59.95 for a 30-day supply


Sold On Official website

Sold On Official website, Amazon, or Walmart

Sold on Official website, Amazon, or Walmart


Official website AmazonWalmart AmazonWalmart


Q. How to Use TLC Resolution Drops?

A.The Resolution drops directions state that you should take the product 3 times a day. Dispense 10 drops into a beverage right before you eat. The maximum dosage is 15 drops, on a thrice daily basis. Do not take more than this dosage under any circumstances.

Q. What’s the Return Policy for TLC Resolution Drops?

A. The product manufacturer for TLC Resolution Drops is offering a 30-day return policy for this product. However, it’s only valid for items that are in their original packaging and new. If you want your money back, let the company know and then send the item back within 30 days of the purchase date. They will give you a full refund.

Q. Where to Buy TLC Resolution Drops?

A.TLC Resolution Drops is a widely distributed product. You can get it on the manufacturer’s official website, on Amazon, and from quite a few other online retailers. You can also get it from offline companies like Walmart.

Q. How Much Do TLC Resolution Drops Cost?

A.If you buy TLC Resolution Drops on the official website, the price is $59.95. On Amazon it costs $82.67.You can only get this product on the official website.

Q. Is TLC Resolution Drops Safe?

A.In general, TLC Resolution Drops are a very safe product. The ingredients are carefully chosen and are quality organic substances. However, there are some medical warnings that are important to note. Avoid this product if you have liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease or stones, a lung condition, or have trouble absorbing nutrients.

Q. Does TLC Resolution Drops Really Work?

A.The TLC Resolution Drops do contain ingredients which fill up the stomach and suppress appetite. They are also very healthy, packed with nutrients that support immunity. In addition, they improve mood, which can slow additional eating related to emotions.

The product should work well. Most of the Total Life Changes Resolution Drops reviews were from customers who said they were happy with the TLC Resolution Drops before and after.

Q. Is TLC FDA Approved?

A.No, FDA- does not approved TLC dietary supplement uses legal ingredients.

Q. Where Is Total Life Changes LLC Company Based?

A.Total Life Changes LLC is based in Fair Haven, Michigan with address 6094 Corporate Drive,Fair Haven, MI 48023. The customer service phone number is 810-471-3812/888-TLC-9970 (888-852-9970) and their email address is [email protected]. Customer service monday-friday: 8 am – 10 pm est saturday, sunday: closed

TLC Resolution Drops Customer Reviews

Based on online Amazon 1,152 TLC Resolution Drops reviews were quite positive. Most users got a lot of benefit from using this product and said it did suppress their appetite and help them lose weight.

There were a lesser number of negative reviews from customers who said the product was ineffective for them. Several customers noted that the taste of the product was bad.

I used this product with the tea and noticed a substantial difference in my weight within a couple of weeks. It’s been about a month now and I have lost about 9 lbs and I was 250.

Andrea Mitchell.

I live for and love these drops. No sugar craving is such a blessing. This product arrived days before it was supposed to and I am so happy happy happy!!! I’m already planning my next order.

I purchased thinking it was the TLC resolution drops and it wasn’t! This is false advertisement and unacceptable! $70 for something that I don’t know if it works. I will be requesting a refund. I don’t want a replacement because this place has lost my trust.
Keisha Jones.

Resolution Drops TLC Real Review – Resolution Drops…DID IT WORK???(Video Credit: YouTube)

Video Summary

“In this video, Youtuber Mstoofine shares their weight loss journey and experience with the TLC resolution drops.

They tried the drops along with a strict diet, cutting out starchy foods, and primarily eating vegetables and chicken.

They documented their progress over a month and lost a total of 8.4 pounds. Mstoofine emphasizes the importance of eating properly while using the drops and mentions that the drops have an acquired taste.

They also recommend drinking plenty of water and following the recommended dosage of three drops before meals.”

Overall, keep in mind that individual supplement experiences might vary, and it is always suggested to contact a healthcare expert before starting any new dietary supplement.

The Bottom Line: Does TLC Resolution Drops Work For Weight Loss?

TLC Resolution Drops is a weight-loss product that you add to a beverage. It contains ingredients which suppress the appetite, and hopefully cause fast weight loss. This is also a healthy product full of nutrients and antioxidants.

The TLC Resolution Drops received mostly positive reviews, with many users reporting successful weight loss and appetite suppression. However, a small percentage of buyers were dissatisfied with the product, citing its terrible flavor.

While using TLC Resolution Drops, it is important to be aware of potential mild side effects. If any unpleasant symptoms arise, discontinue use immediately and consult with a healthcare professional to ensure its suitability for you.

We also provide alternative products like Bio X4, known for having minimal side effects. To learn more about Nucific Bio X4 and read customer reviews on Amazon, visit our Nucific Bio X4 Amazon reviews page. This can help streamline your decision-making process.

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TLC Resolution Drops Review – Is It a Hoax or Worthy?
3.8 / 5.0
Overall Rating
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    I recently purchased the TLC product directly from their website, and I have some concerns. Firstly, there is no child safety feature on the bottle, unlike my previous one which was difficult to open. Secondly, the dropper lacks measurement markings, making it challenging to accurately administer the drops. However, with this version, I still experience hunger and strong cravings for food.
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