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PrebioThrive Review – What Is It For & Is PrebioThrive Any Good?

PrebioThrive Review – What Is It For & Is PrebioThrive Any Good?

  • Read our detailed review of PrebioThrive. See how this probiotic supplement compares against all the others!


What is PrebioThrive?

PrebioThrive supplement is something that will help you when you intend to use probiotics in your diet. It is a prebiotic mix, which is specially formulated to keep your digestive tract moving as it should. This idea is something that works for people, but may also be considered to be a fad by some.

If you are concerned about the bacteria in your gut and want to do something positive for it, there is a chance that you have heard of probiotics. This product is designed to give the probiotics food to eat, which should keep your digestion running smoothly.

Here is a look at other specifics regarding PrebioThrive.

Who makes PrebioThrive?

The maker of the product, Gundry MD, had been interested in providing a product that aided with digestion and had clean ingredients. Steven Gundry made it for this purpose. The company makes other health and wellness supplements.

PrebioThrive Claims

The maker claims that PrebioThrive can help you digest better and can keep you from being constipated. This will also help your gut balance, which may be able to make you feel better overall. It could also increase your energy levels.

PrebioThrive Ingredients

The product contains just five ingredients, which are designed to work together to help digestion work well at all times.

  • Acacia Gum – This ingredient is also known as gum Arabic. It is something that the body can’t break down on its own, but it can be digested by probiotics. It leads to certain types of good bacteria showing up in your intestine, which is pointed out in Nutrition Journal. This is likely why it is essential to have in a formula like this.
  • Flaxseed – Flaxseed is a type of fiber, which is crucial in terms of your digestive system working well at all times. Moreover, it contains omega-3s, which is an important nutrient in your diet. It also has cancer-fighting capabilities.
  • Guar gum – This is another form of fiber contained in this supplement. It is used in many products to make them healthier for the body. It can also be beneficial in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, which was studied by the Journal of Food Science and Technology.
  • Agave Inulin – Agave is something else that is good for the GI tract when someone is having problems digesting. It is being studied by Food & Function to see other implications that it will be suited for as well.


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PrebioThrive Results

Results you can expect regarding PrebioThrive include being able to digest your food better and not experiencing constipation as often.

How to use PrebioThrive?

You are supposed to take PrebioThrive once daily, which is suggested to be in the morning. This way it has all day to do its job. It is in powder form, so you can add it to a drink, like a smoothie, or just add it to plain water.

Possible PrebioThrive Side Effects

Stomachaches and gas are side effects that are possible with this product. After you take it for a while, you will likely get used to it. When you continue to take it and your body gets accustomed to it, this will lessen the chances of these issues.

PrebioThrive Warnings

There are no warnings associated with this formula.

How much does PrebioThrive cost?

One jar of the product, which is roughly a 1-month supply, costs around $80. There may be a price break when you purchase multiple jars.


Is PrebioThrive for losing weight?

It is not necessarily for losing weight. The product is a prebiotic supplement, which can help with your gut health. This will allow you to keep using the bathroom, and this is something that can help you lose weight.

What is in PrebioThrive?

Some of the ingredients in PrebioThrive are agave inulin, guar gum, gum Arabic, and flaxseed. These things are different types of fiber, which act like food for the probiotics in your stomach.

Can you take probiotics and prebiotics at the same time?

Yes, you can. These two substances help each other, and can keep the bacteria levels in your gut at a healthy level. Essentially, prebiotics are food or fuel for probiotics, so these things work in conjunction together to promote wellness for the body.

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Are prebiotics good for you?

Yes, they can be good for you. Prebiotics are something that the body cannot break down on its own. However, when you take or ingest probiotics, prebiotics are crucial and are needed for the probiotics to work properly.

What is in prebiotics?

Prebiotics are more or less complex sugars. They are easy for bacteria to break down, but hard for the human body to break down without a little help.

Does PrebioThrive cause side effects?

You may experience a few minor stomach issues when you are getting used to this supplement. This means you may have gas or bloating.

Where can I buy PrebioThrive?

You can purchase this supplement online on the manufacturer’s website.

Is there a guarantee that comes with PrebioThrive?

Yes, the manufactuer states there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you return unused product within 90 days. You can contact the company’s customer service for more information.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in maintaining a healthy GI tract and you have had problems with constipation in the past, this supplement certainly has ingredients that will help keep the probiotics in your gut happy.

At the same time, it may cause a bit of intestinal distress in the meantime, while you are getting used to the formula. If you intend to try it for yourself, you should probably start off slow, where you take it and then drink only water with it for a few days.

This will give you an idea of how it will affect your body. It may be just what you are looking for, or it might give you unwanted discomfort. Either way, it likely has the ability to help you lose weight by keeping your digestive system running each day, which can be a problem for adults, and especially women.


Promotes efficient digestion

Reduces stomach and bowel discomfort


Might cause gas and bloating

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