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Tummy Tuck Belt Review – Does It Help You Lose Weight?

Tummy Tuck Belt Review – Does It Help You Lose Weight?

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  • We did a comprehensive review of Tummy Tuck Belt. Does it actually work? or Is it just another scam? Get the Facts and Truth here!
Tummy Tuck Belt


What is the Tummy Tuck Belt?

This belt is a device that you put on your midsection each day for 10 minutes, and it claims to make you lose tummy fat. You apply a “fat burning” cream to your abdomen first and the belt compresses your stomach which activates the “fat burning” effect of the cream.

It is an alternative solution to diet and exercise, as well as surgery when it comes to losing weight through your midsection.

This sounds a little farfetched, but at the same time, there may be something to the way it works. Keep reading for more details about this product and a look at what it is designed to do.

Tummy Tuck Belt

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Who makes the Tummy Tuck Belt?

The company Savvier makes this belt. They also make other type of workout and fitness equipment, which may be of some use to people trying to burn calories.


Tummy Tuck Belt Benefits

The company claims that the average results are roughly losing 0.4 inch in the first week and 1 inch in 30 days.


Tummy Tuck Belt Ingredients

The active ingredients are only found in the cream

  • Ethoxydiglycol – This is an additive in the beauty industry that is deemed to be safe and confirmed by studies[1]. It is added to make a product easier to put on skin .
  • Caffeine – When caffeine is applied to the skin, it has been shown that it could help to treat cellulite and burn fat cells[2]


How to Use Tummy Tuck Belt?

Before putting on the belt, you should rub the cream on your midsection, where the belt will sit. Then place the belt on your body and wear it for 10 minutes.

Then you may take it off but don’t rub off the cream. The cream should not be washed off until 2 hours later. You can do this two times a day, and can wear the belt underneath your regular clothes.

Does the Tummy Tuck Belt work?

It is possible that people will notice a difference in their waist when they use it, but it is likely to be due to the pressure of the belt on the skin, which is only temporary. There are no studies that confirm that this product work although the company claims the opposite.

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Potential Tummy Tuck Belt Side Effects

Potential skin irritation or allergic reaction to the ingredients in the cream or the belt material.

Tummy Tuck Belt Cost

The belt costs about $40 when you purchase it and comes with a 1-month supply of the cream. You then need to purchase cream every month, which costs around $25.

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Q: What are side effects of Tummy Tuck Belt?

A: Some side effects that have been reported are skin irritation, muscle pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Q: What is in Tummy Tuck Belt?

A: A belt and a “fat burning” cream

Q: Is there an active ingredient in Tummy Tuck Belt?

A: Active ingredients can only be found in the cream and it is a caffeine compound.

Q: Does It Work?

A: It claims to make you lose tummy fat, but that is very unlikely. It could help you tone the area temporarily, but it won’t last if you stop wearing the belt.

Q: How much is Tummy Tuck Belt?

A: The belt costs around $40.

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Q: Where can I purchase the Tummy Tuck Belt?

A: You can buy the belt on the maker’s website.

Q: How do I use the Tummy Tuck Belt?

A: You put the cream on your midsection and then place the belt in the same area. You wear it for 10 minutes, two times a day.

Q: Who produces the Tummy Tuck Belt?

A: A company called Savvier produces the Tummy Tuck Belt.

Q: Do I need to change my diet and routine?

A: You do not have to exercise and change your diet to get this product to work. However, it will not hurt to use the belt in conjunction with changes in your routine.

Q: Can men and women use Tummy Tuck Belt?

A: Yes, anyone can use the Tummy Tuck Belt and may be able to see results.

Q: How long before I see results with the Tummy Tuck Belt?

A: There is a chance that you can see results within a week when you use this belt.

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Bottom Line

When you use this belt, the results are likely to be short-lived. This means that it will seem like it is working, and then end up only being a bit of water weight that you lost. The better approach to losing weight through your middle is by eating right and exercising.

At the same time, the Tummy Tuck Belt may work for some and help them burn fat and calories in the area of their stomach.

The cream has ingredients that assist with this, and if you aren’t allergic to spandex, it is something that is worth trying.

The only other thing to keep in mind is that some people that used the belt didn’t like it. However, you may be someone that does, and it may make a difference for you. Since it only takes a few minutes a day to use, it is easy to try.


1.Guillot, J.P. et al. (1982). Safety evaluation of some humectants and moisturizers used in cosmetic formulations. Int J Cosmet Sci. Retrieved online at
2. Byun, S. Y., et al. (2015). Efficacy of Slimming Cream Containing 3.5% Water-Soluble Caffeine and Xanthenes for the Treatment of Cellulite: Clinical Study and Literature Review. Annals of dermatology, 27(3), 243–249.

Claims to loose 0.4 inch in the first week

It's relatively simple and easy to use.


The Tummy Tuck Belt cost is high.

The product only delivers short-term results.

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