XPI Androshred Review – Learn The Truth About XPI Androshred

Considering buying an XPI Androshred supplement? We tried a few products & provided and in-depth review to help you decide if it's the right product for you.
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Do you want to transfer your excess fat into ripped muscles and get your body in top shape? If that is the case, you need a potent fat burning supplement.

One of the candidates might be XPI Androshred. Take a look at this review and check out what this product claims to do and does it deliver on that promise.

What is XPI Androshred?

XPI Androshred is a supplement that falls into the category of fat burners. It is intended for men, especially bodybuilders and those looking to shed extra fat gains by turning them into lean muscle mass.

This product combines two things – it helps you burn fat and it boosts testosterone levels. That way it helps you get rid of fat while improving your performance and getting a toned body.

Androshred is manufactured by XPI Supplements, which has nine other products in their portfolio. This US-based company also produces Extreme ZMA, DVX-Pro, and Decacor.

XPI Androshred
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XPI Androshred


The manufacturer targets male bodybuilders with this product. They emphasize that it will help you burn fat, but not just any fat, but the one from tricky areas that you couldn’t get rid of until now.

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XPI Androshred Claims and Features – What You Need to Know?

The manufacturer targets male bodybuilders with this product. They emphasize that it will help you burn fat, but not just any fat, but the one from tricky areas that you couldn’t get rid of until now.

XPI Androshred does so by boosting your metabolism, which also increases your performance during training. On top of that, it will stimulate testosterone production, which can be particularly important if you are dealing with low levels of testosterone. That way you can benefit from improving your muscle mass and making your body extremely fit.

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XPI Androshred Ingredients and Why it Matters?

XPI Androshed offers a mixture of potent ingredients, including:


This is a blend of ingredients patented by the manufacturer. It contains fenugreek seed, which is known for stimulating the body to increase testosterone levels as studied in U.S. National Library of Medicine. It also has protodioscin and furostanolic saponins, which are both steroidal saponins also know to boost testosterone production.

Tribulus Terrestris

Also known as puncture vine, this plant is used to boost testosterone levels and improve blood flow, as well as to improve both physical and sexual performance, as we documented in our review article on Sculp Nation Protein.

Caffeine Anhydrous

All the water was removed from this caffeine to make it more powerful. It is a natural stimulant with thermogenic properties that can help burn stored fat, as we elaborated briefly in our reviewed article on PhenQ.

Green Tea Phytosome

A combination of two ingredients was made to ensure that your body can use the potential of green tea to the max. This compound can boost fat burning, increase energy levels, and positively affect overall health.


Derived from lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera), this plant can work as a natural stimulant that boosts your performance. According to National Institute of Health decreases appetite and boost up energy.


Extremely useful mineral that regulates numerous body functions, including securing an optimal balance of testosterone.

Boron Citrate

This is another natural ingredient that can support testosterone production in your body. It also positively affects bone health and helps in dealing with kidney stones.

XPI Androshred Review – Does it Really Work?

When it comes to the working process, we can talk about two areas of how XPI Androshred works. Green tea and caffeine anhydrous are included to induce thermogenesis and boost your metabolism, which will help you burn fat, as we mentioned in our review of Bio-X4 article(another supplement containing this ingredient).

A combination of other ingredients increases your testosterone levels and enhances your performance to ensure that fat will be converted into lean muscle mass.

You should take one or two capsules of the supplement each day with a huge glass of water. The recommended times are in the morning and before training.

What are the Pros and Cons of XPI Androshred?


  • It may help you increase testosterone levels.
  • It may help you improve your performance.
  • It helps you boost your metabolism.
  • Can help you burn stubborn fat.


  • Suitable only for men.
  • Not ideal for beginners.


Q.How much does XPI Androshred Cost?

A.You can choose from various packages of XPI Androshred. If you want to buy a single bottle, it will cost you $39.95.

A two-bottle back will cost you $79.95, but you will save on shipping costs and you will get a free pack of Xtreme ZMA, which is a post-workout recovery supplement made by the same manufacturer. A package of three bottles of Androshred and three bottles of Xtreme ZMA costs $119.95.

Q.XPI Androshred – Is it Safe?

A.The product is safe to use for healthy adult men. Women should avoid using it as they could develop swollen genitalia or stimulate hair growth. As for healthy males, the list of ingredients makes the product safe, but you should check with your doctor before taking XPI Androshred just to be sure.

Q.What XPI Androshred Users Saying?

A.Tyler agreed to share his experience with other potential consumers because XPI Androshred finally enabled him to have abs.

Hugh also said that he loves looking at his pumped muscles, while Jay Kool said that he lost over 20 pounds in four weeks thanks to combining the product with intense workout and diet.

Nobody mentioned any side effects, but a couple of reviewers did pinpoint that it didn’t help them burn fat at all.

XPI Androshred Review – The Bottom Line

XPI Androshred is a supplement that tries to be effective in both fat burning and testosterone boosting. Thanks to its carefully chosen formula of ingredients, it can help you on both ends.

While improving your testosterone levels and increasing performance, it may be of assistance in converting excess fat into lean muscle mass. The obvious downside is that cannot be used by women and it is also not suitable for minors.

Also, beginners might feel that this product is too powerful. Hence, if you are into bodybuilding and you are committed to finding a way to a slim and fit body, explore more weight loss supplements to get desired results instantly.

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XPI Androshred Review – Learn The Truth About XPI Androshred
3.8 / 5.0
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