Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies Review – Is It Effective?

Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies is a blend of fruits and vegetables that supports optimal immune function, energy levels, and mental clarity.
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Many people find it difficult to eat a balanced, healthy diet in today’s busy world. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables supports gut health, immune functioning, and enhances energy levels.

In this review, we will bring to you all details about Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies what it does and what are the ingredient used in it.

Fruits & Veggies by Earth Energy is a blend of super fruits and vegetables that supports overall health and vitality. It promises the benefits of a plant-based diet in two capsules a day.

What is Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies?

Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies is a dietary supplement designed to promote optimal health and vitality by providing a potent blend of fruits and vegetables.

According to research by the CDC, only a few American adults are getting the recommended intake of 1.5- 2 cups of fruits and 2-3 cups of vegetables per day.

A poor diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies that impact health, mental functioning, and energy levels.

According to the manufacturer, the list of potential benefits includes:

  • Support immune function.
  • Enhance heart health.
  • Help fight inflammation.
Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies
Editor’s Rating
3.8 / 5.0
Overall Rating

Fruits and Veggies


This dietary supplement provides a unique blend of quality ingredients to promote overall health.

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How We Tested Fruits & Veggies?

The following article reveals the findings from our team’s 30-day experiment with Earth Energy Fruits and Veggies, a dietary supplement aimed at promoting weight loss and boosting energy.

During the trial, participants consumed Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies and monitored their progress diligently.

This article presents in-depth information about the ingredients found in this product, their advantages, and their mechanisms of action.

The outcomes of the trial demonstrated positive results, including notable weight loss and heightened energy levels.

Overall, Earth and Energy Fruits and Veggies is considered a secure and efficient supplement that enhances overall health and wellness.

Fruits & Veggies Specification Insight

manufacturemanufacture Earth Energy
made-inmade in A GMP-certified and FDA-regulated facility in the USA
typetype Wellness Supplement
serving-sizeserving size 2 Capsules
serving per bottleEve 30
main-benefitsmain benefits Promotes optimal immune function, energy levels, and mental clarity.
key-ingredientkey ingredient Apple Fiber, Beet Root, Carrot Root, Tomato Extract 4:1, Strawberry Fruit, Garlic, Blueberry, Ginger, Raspberry Juice Extract, and Red Bell Pepper.
allergen-warningallergen warning Contains Gelatin
safety-informationsafety information Consult a healthcare provider before using. Keep out of reach of children.
priceprice $45.95 (1 bottle) or $120 (3 bottle) or $210 (6 bottle) (Earth Energy offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.).

Who Makes Fruits & Veggies?

This dietary supplement is produced by Earth Energy. This company also manufactures a Raw Reds Super Energy Elixir, a Power Greens Superfood Powder, and a Joint Support product.

There is little information available online about this company, including where they are located, or any third-party reviews.

Fruits & Veggies Earth Energy and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

  • It is not Accredited.
  • Impressive F rating.
  • 6 complaints closed in past three years.
  • 0 cases closed in past year.

What Fruits & Veggies Does

Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies is a superfood blend that supports overall health and vitality. Supplements that provide concentrated dosages of fruits and vegetables may boost antioxidant levels and provide important nutrients missing in the diet.

However, some experts believe that supplements cannot take the place of a healthy diet.

While dietary supplements can provide important nutrients, they cannot replace nutrients from food, which also contains important phytochemicals and fiber.

Dr. Lisa Valente, M.S., RD

In addition, supplementation can lead to nutrient toxicity if you ingest more than what your body needs.

How Does Fruits & Veggies Work?

Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies is a dietary supplement designed to provide complete nutritional support as:

  • Boost energy levels.
  • Improve the immune system.
  • Enhance mental clarity.

It provides a unique blend of fruit and vegetable superfoods in capsule form, which provides antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Research suggests that a diet high in fruits and vegetables may decrease the risk of certain chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer [1].

Our experts found that the ingredients in Fruits & Veggies do support optimal health and well-being, but there is no convincing evidence or clinical studies to support claims that it may prevent diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.

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What Are the Earth Energy Fruits and vegetables Ingredients?

Earth Energy Fruits and Veggie Supplements

Earth Energy Fruits and Veggie Supplements

Apple Fiber

Apples contain powerful phytochemicals, or compounds, that support optimal health [2]. Consuming apples has been linked to reduced risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and asthma [1].

Apples are a good source of fiber, which supports gut and heart health. Apple fiber may even maintain healthy lipid levels and support the “good” gut bacteria [1][2].

Beet Root

As our experts have previously discussed in Leptitox review, beetroot is a nutritional powerhouse that supports the immune and cardiovascular systems, may protect against cancer and osteoporosis, and is a rich source of folate, a vitamin important for tissue and cell growth.

Recent research by Baiao et al. found that beetroot protects the heart muscle by reducing arterial stiffness, decreasing blood pressure, relaxing the smooth muscle, and supporting the endothelial cells that line the blood vessels [3].

Beet root is rich in dietary nitrates, which have been shown to improve exercise performance and increase fat oxidation during physical activity. This can potentially support weight loss efforts when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Dr. Amanda Roberts, Sports Nutritionist

Carrot Root

Carrot root contains many important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that support optimal health. Carrots are a source of pro-vitamin A, which is converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A supports eye health and vision.

Carrots also contain minerals such as molybdenum, which supports fat metabolism and iron absorption. Some research suggests that carrots may help with wound healing and have anti-cancer and anti-diabetes properties [4].

Tomato Extract 4:1

Tomato extract is rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that may help prevent heart disease and cancer. A recent study published in Frontiers in Nutrition involving healthy, middle-aged individuals found that four weeks of tomato extract supplementation improved platelet aggregation, or clumping [5]. Platelet aggregation forms plaque in the blood vessels, leading to heart disease [6].

Strawberry Fruit

Strawberries contain antioxidants and are a rich source of vitamin C, which helps make collagen and supports the immune system, and folate, which assists DNA production [7].

Giamperi et al. found that adding strawberries to your diet protects your heart by inhibiting inflammation, scavenging free radicals, and preventing platelet aggregation.


A recent research overview suggests that garlic, a spice used worldwide for many centuries, may protect against heart disease, cancer, and metabolic disorders [8].

Garlic is a powerful antioxidant that protects the heart and supports immune functioning.
Dr. Natalie Butler, R.D., L.D.


Studies show that blueberry consumption is associated with a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes and improved weight maintenance and brain health. Blueberries also may help support gut health [9].


We’ve explored the role ginger can play in health in previous reviews. Ginger is a spice with anti-inflammatory properties that supports digestive health and may support a healthy weight.

Studies show that over 160 compounds in ginger work to protect the gastrointestinal system and prevent obesity [10].

Raspberry Juice Powder

Raspberry extract has many antioxidants and compounds that support health. One animal study published in Food & Function found that raspberry extract increased animal lifespan and stress tolerance [11]. This suggests that raspberries have a role in preventing aging and disease.

The phytochemicals present in Raspberry Juice Powder, such as raspberry ketones, have shown promising effects on adiponectin, a hormone involved in regulating metabolism and fat breakdown. Increasing adiponectin levels may support weight loss efforts.

Dr. Emily Johnson, Dietitian.

Red Bell Pepper

Red bell pepper extract contains powerful flavonoids that may help to prevent blood clots and are a good source of vitamin C [12]. Some research suggests peppers have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Pros and Cons of Fruits & Veggies


  • Supports overall health and vitality.
  • Easy-to-use, convenient capsules.
  • Supports immune function and provides antioxidants.
  • Promotes energy levels.


  • Product is costly.
  • There is a lack of third-party data and reviews.
  • Capsules contain gelatin, which may not be suitable for some individuals.

Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies Comparable Products

The fruit and vegetable supplements we recommend as Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies alternatives are backed by research and have mild side effects.


Earth’s Energy Fruits and Veggies


Balance of Nature image Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies image NUU3 NATURE’S SUPERFUEL image

Overall Rating

4.1/55starRating Star
3.8/54star Rating Star
3.4/54star Rating Star

Brand Philosophy

Emphasizes the importance of whole food nutrition Providing a convenient way to consume fruits and vegetables Emphasizes natural and organic ingredients

Main Ingredients

Vegan, Plant Based, All Natural, Kosher, Whole Food

Apple Fiber, Beet Root, Carrot Root, Tomato Extract 4:1 and more

Broccoli, kale leaf, celery, and spinach

Product Form




Target Market

Individuals looking for a whole food supplement

Increase fruit and vegetable intake

Natural superfood supplement

Scientific Evidence

Some ingredients have known health benefits

Limited studies specific to the product

Limited studies supporting their effectiveness

Side Effects

Reported mild side effects

No reported serious side effects

No reported serious side effects


$89.95 for a 30 Servings

$45.95 for a 15 Serving

$49.99 for a 30-day supply


Sold on official website

Sold on official website

Sold on official website and Amazon


Official website AmazonWalmart AmazonWalmart

Main Differences Between Balance of Nature vs Earth Energy

Our research found that Balance of Nature and Earth Energy, two popular supplement brands often confused with each other, differ in their purposes and health targets, despite both offering vitamins and minerals.

Balance of Nature enhances the immune system through targeted products, including essential vitamins (A, C, E, B complex), zinc, selenium, and specialized supplements for hair growth, weight loss, and memory enhancement.

In contrast, Earth Energy’s main focus is on fulfilling your daily vegetable intake needs, providing essential nutrients to sustain and boost energy levels, and enhancing overall vitality.

While both Balance of Nature and Earth Energy offers vitamin and mineral supplements, they have unique areas of emphasis, allowing individuals to effectively target specific health goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Use Earth Energy Fruits and Veggies ?

A.Take two gelatin capsules daily with 6-8 oz of water, with or without food.

Q. What Is the Return Policy?

A.Earth Energy has a 60-day money-back guarantee for unopened or partially used products. Shipping costs, final sale products, and products purchased more than 60 days prior are nonreturnable.

Q. Where Can You Buy Earth Energy Fruits and Veggies?

Earth Energy Fruits and Veggies can be purchased on their official site. The cost is $45.95, plus $6.95 shipping.

Q. Are There Any Side Effects?

A.While no side effects have been widely reported for Fruits & Veggies, always consult a healthcare provider before beginning a new dietary supplement regimen.

Q. Can Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies interact with medications?

A.Consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you’re taking medications, as Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies may interact with medications or impact their effectiveness.

Q. Where Is Earth Energy Fruits and Veggies Made?

A.Fruits & Veggies Earth Energy Company is based in Delaware with address 600 N Broad St # 5-3154 Middletown, DE 19709-1032. The customer service phone number is (615) 933-1578 and their email address is [email protected].

Our Views on Fruits & Veggies

Earth Energy is a relatively new brand with few products, and its products are not available on third-party sites such as Amazon.

The company offers no clinical trials or scientific data, and the only customer reviews we could find were on their website.

Note that products should have readily available scientific data and independent reviews.

Earth Energy Fruits and Veggies Customers Reviews

Note that we were unable to find any reviews for this product on third-party sites such as Amazon. All of the reviews we found were on the Earth Energy website, which may be biased.

Legitimate websites offer comprehensive, unbiased reviews. Here are some real customer reviews for the product:

“I’ve been taking it now for 5 weeks and it really helps the core of my body and mind. I have more energy.”

“ I have only been taking Earth energy supplements for about a week now and I am very pleased with the energy that I have received from it.”

“ I would give the product a 10. I am more energetic during the day and my workouts are much smoother. Great product.”

Proof of Third-Party Testing

Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies proof of third party testing

Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies Reviews – Proof of Third-Party Testing
(Image Credit: Earth Energy)

Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies asserts that its product undergoes massive trying out for excellent, purity, and efficiency at a 3rd-birthday party laboratory which includes the FDA & GMP. They also mention “Made in the USA in a GMP certified and FDA regulated facility to ensure quality and effectiveness.”


Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies is a supplement that claims it can provide all of the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables in two capsules.

Its key ingredients include apple fiber, beet root, carrot root, tomato extract 4:1, strawberry fruit, garlic, blueberry, ginger, raspberry juice extract, and red bell pepper.

Earth Energy intends the product to provide antioxidants, promote energy levels, support immune function, and boost mental clarity.

A supplement’s potential health benefits may depend on an individual’s health and lifestyle. No supplement can replace a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Always consult a healthcare professional before starting a new dietary supplement, and stop use if any side effects occur.

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Earth Energy Fruits & Veggies Review – Is It Effective?
3.8 / 5.0
Overall Rating
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    Bought these for my husband, GREAT RESULT!
    I purchased these for my husband, who hardly ever consumes fruits and veggies. Since he started out taking them, he seems to have won a piece of greater power. If this positive change persists, he plans to incorporate them into his daily routine moving forward!
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