Sarah (Provence) Moore, RDN

Sarah is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She draws from evidence-based Western medicine and Eastern traditions to support people on their healing journey.


  • In 2018 she completed the certificate of training course in obesity interventions for adults and has designed multiple weight management programs.
  • She has extensive training in metabolic health.
  • Sarah has been a certified yoga instructor and yogini since 2005.


Sarah has experience working to promote health in a variety of settings, from face-to-face private nutrition counseling to lecturing in large auditoriums; she is able to convey knowledge in an accurate, actionable, compassionate, and comprehensive way.

Sarah has a diverse background, having worked in clinical research, eating disorder treatment, acute care, and long-term care. Having spent time with patients of all ages, she truly can connect with anyone on the deep level necessary to promote improved health.

Currently, she can be found in the Pacific Northwest specializing in metabolic health assisting thousands of patients with weight management and the prevention or treatment of diabetes.


Sarah became a certified yoga instructor in 2005 after beginning her practice in 1998. She went on to teach for years and then decided to deepen her knowledge of health. At this time she and completed her Bachelor of Science in nutrition degree at Bastyr University; where she studied biochemistry, anatomy & physiology, Ayurvedic nutrition, and many other topics that focused on whole-person health with food as medicine approach.

She then completed the last year of her required dietetic training at the accredited Utah State University, dietetic internship, with an emphasis on nutrition education. She is devoted to continually learning and advancing her practice. Currently, she is studying for the exam to be a board-certified specialist in adult obesity and weight management with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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