Rachelle Caves, RDN, CNSC, CPT

Rachelle Caves is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Support Clinician, and Certified Personal Trainer.


  • She has a passion for chronic disease prevention and improving self-confidence through lifestyle modification.
  • She emphasizes a plant-heavy diet that excludes calorie-counting, coupled with effective exercise to prevent chronic disease, achieves a healthy body composition, and beautify oneself from the inside out.
  • Rachelle has significant experience providing nutrition therapy for a wide range of conditions, including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes while helping clients achieve weight loss without counting calories or restricting carbohydrates.
  • Rachelle’s mission is to help wellness-seekers achieve optimal health, confidence, and fitness in a non-stressful manner!


  • Rachelle is fascinated by the biochemical interaction between food and the body. Thus, she spent many years working in the "clinical" or hospital nutrition setting.
  • She has provided nutrition therapy for countless individuals in their sickest state. She has extensive experience providing medical nutrition therapy for conditions including, but not limited to: diabetes, obesity/overweight, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, bariatric surgery, chronic kidney disease & end-stage kidney disease, children over the age of 5 in need of healthier eating habits, tube-fed and critically ill patients and healthy eating guidelines in general.
  • Additionally, Rachelle has ample experience counseling individuals 1 on 1 and in group settings for various conditions, most notably for weight loss and optimizing health.
  • She loves teaching group classes and always serves as a supportive mentor for her clients.
  • She also writes health blogs and nutrition articles for her own website and other health organizations. After all her years practicing clinical nutrition, teaching nutrition classes, and subsequently counseling clients on the side, she encourages a colorful, phytonutrient-rich, plant-strong lifestyle as one of the vital keys to lasting health and weight management.


Rachelle holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food & Nutrition with a concentration in Dietetics from Framingham State University in Massachusetts (a school known for its superb dietetic program).

She completed the following supervised internships as part of her dietetic coordinated program:

  • Acute-Care/Hospital setting: Veterans' Administration Medical Center, West Roxbury, MA Foodservice setting: Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA Community nutrition setting: Community Servings, Jamaica Plains, MA
  • Additionally, Rachelle’s passion for fitness and exercise motivated her to obtain a “Certified Personal Trainer” certificate through the American Council on Exercise.
  • Her areas of interest include exercising for disease prevention and cardiorespiratory health and training to sculpt one’s body and improve self-confidence.

A Word from Author

Rachelle is a firm believer in the power of lifestyle changes for long-term health and wellness. Her own health conditions, including thyroid cancer, has sparked a keen interest in the restorative and disease-fighting components of plant-based foods.

She believes that lifestyle modifications – healthy diet, exercise, and healthy mind techniques, are essential to achieving optimal wellness.

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