Lucy Kerrison, RD

Lucy Kerrison is an experienced dietitian with a demonstrated history of working within busy NHS teaching hospitals and the private sector.


  • Passionate about gut health and personalised nutrition. Skilled in behavioural change, clinical nutrition, leadership and presentations.


Lucy also developed a love for sports nutrition. She has continued to partake in endurance sports including cycling, running, and duathlons. Her passion for gut health and sports nutrition overlaps as 50% of endurance athletes experience functional gut symptoms.

Whether you are looking for advice pertaining to gut health, sports nutrition, or a combination, Lucy uses a personalized approach for each individual. This will vary depending on factors such as environment, genetics and nutritional intake to date so far.

Every person is different and for this reason, Lucy likes to have a brief introductory phone call with each client prior to arranging consultations, to ensure they are a good fit.

Lucy's specialties:

  • 1. Gastrointestinal (IBS/IBD/Coeliac)
  • 2. Weight management (loss/gain/muscle building)
  • 3. Sports nutrition


Lucy gained her first-class honors degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Surrey, before working in various dietetic roles across each of the teaching hospitals within Oxford.

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