Anita Jalloh, MS

Anita is a nutrition expert with a Master's in Nutrition and Dietetics. Founder and CEO of Comprehensive Medical Nutrition Solutions, a nutrition and health education consulting firm.


  • Anita's company develops curriculums and programs for government entities, small or large companies, for several communities, and for schools.
  • Anita was a prior adjunct professor at the College of Saint Elizabeth in the nutrition and dietetics department.


Anita Jalloh is a nutrition and health education expert and entrepreneur working hard to strengthen the domestic hungry safety net. Her company is also bringing employee wellness to several businesses using an online white labeling desktop and app service to have wellness at the tips of your fingers. Anita's company has been able to partner with 8 government entities, and several communities to provide nutrition and health education. Anita was asked to serve on the nutrition and dietetics board at the college where she received her masters and completed her dietetic internship.


Anita earned her master's degree in nutrition from the College of Saint Elizabeth located in New Jersey, where she also completed her accredited dietetic internship. Anita also earned a bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics and another bachelor's in communications from Syracuse University.

A Word from Anita

I believe everyone should have access to nutrition and health education regardless of income, which is why we partner with government entities to provide education to populations who may not have access otherwise. Anita's company, Comprehensive Medical Nutrition Solutions, believes we can change the future through nutrition and health education programs with innovative techniques that have the potential to change the world and prevent chronic disease.

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