Total Mommy Fitness – Does Total Mommy Fitness Work?

Total Mommy Fitness: At a Glance

Total Mommy Fitness is a company that is based in Austin; its purpose is to assist women in reaching and maintaining fitness during and after pregnancy. Tatum Rebelle, a personal trainer, established the company and she is personally involved in the day-to-day operation of the organization, along with several other experts in the fitness and nutrition fields.

Total Mommy Fitness

When you visit the Total Mommy Fitness website, you will find it to be attractive, modern, and user-friendly, providing company particulars and philosophies as well as details regarding the available programs. Photographs of mothers, pregnant women, and children involved in outdoor activities make it clear that the whole family can participate in these exercise programs.

The website provides a comprehensive explanation of the Total Mommy Fitness programs, yet does not go into the type of food or exercises that are specified in the plan. Brief testimonials from past and current customers are available as well as a comprehensive FAQ area that covers fitness and nutrition during pregnancy.

Total Mommy Fitness: Facts

Those who live in the Austin area can purchase the personal training package — Rebelle frequently runs it personally. A one-time session costs $95. But, the more people there are in a group, the lower the price per individual (groups of 4 or more cost $25 per person), so if a group of mothers joins together, they can save a substantial amount of money. Longer programs are also offered, with a 10-week program costing $1,000 and a 20-week program costing $1,750. The programs are designed to provide the correct exercise and nutrition for the individual, both before and after giving birth. Children can even take part in the program and there is no need to go to the gym, since all of the exercises can be performed at home with no problem.

While the Total Mommy Fitness program can be accessed via the Internet, which makes it available to those who do not live in Austin, it most likely would not be as personal or even as effective as the personal training.

While the site provides no specific information on nutrition, generally the diet is based on foods with a low glycemic index, like fruits, vegetables, and ‘good’ fats. None of the major food groups seems to be disallowed.

Total Mommy Fitness: Positive Features

  • Total Mommy Fitness has been developed for women to use before and after giving birth.
  • The emphasis of the program is on a healthy lifestyle, not weight reduction.
  • The program is ‘child-friendly.’
  • The trainers involved in The Total Mommy Fitness program are all qualified professionals.
  • The program can be accessed via the Internet.
  • Discounts are offered for larger groups.
  • The website has a professional appearance and is easy to navigate.
  • Consumer reviews of the personal programs are highly favorable.

Total Mommy Fitness: Negative Features

  • Only those who live in Austin can receive personal training.
  • It is costly to purchase the 10 and 20 week packages.

Total Mommy Fitness: Conclusion

The Total Mommy Fitness program is excellent for those who live in Austin or the surrounding area. Many users reported satisfaction with the amount of support and encouragement supplied by the trainers and many stuck with the program for quite some time after pregnancy and giving birth. Of course, those who participate online receive much less support and must provide their own motivation.

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