The Miraculous Hoodia And How It Performs?

All are aware that Hoodia is a totally harmless, natural herb exists in South Africa and is effectively used to suppress appetite and shed unwanted weight. But how does this miraculous herb perform positive executions?

Hoodia Gordonii embraces the active molecule P57 that hits a part of your brain called the hypothalamus. This component of human brain which tells you whether you are hungry or full because within the hypothalamus there are nerve cells that sense your blood sugar level. As you eat, food is broken down into glucose in your body and your blood sugar rises to make you feel full. The active ingredient in Hoodia is up to 10,000 times more efficient than glucose to make you feel full.

Miraculous Hoodia

A team of expert researchers founded the association between the Hoodia and hypothalamus in a study accomplished on rats using one group injected with P57 and a control group injected with a placebo. In 24 hours, the ATP neurotransmitter and cell energy source in hypothalamic neurons increased up to 50 to 150 percent and food consumption declined by 40 to 60 percent in the group of rats injected with P57.

The first scientific study of Hoodia on people was done in the United Kingdom in the beginning of 90’s. Overweight and obese persons took part in the study and half were given Hoodia while half were given a placebo. After 15 days, the persons who received Hoodia ate 1000 calories less daily than the persons who received the placebo. Natural appetite suppression was achieved without any other effort being made. The capability of Hoodia is obviously quite strong since 3,500 calories equal 1 pound of fat. Without any added effort, Hoodia users can lose up to 2 pounds weekly. When you add work outs and a well balanced diet, Hoodia is the key to successful weight loss.

Even though experimental studies of Hoodia began in the 90’s, for thousands of years the Sans Bushmen of South Africa used Hoodia to satiate thirst and as an appetite suppressant when they were on hunting trips for several days. By the 70’s, the South African Council for Scientific Research restricted molecule P57, the active ingredient in Hoodia. Today Hoodia is one of the protected, most successful appetite suppressants in the market with no known ill effects.

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