The Danger of Using Pills, Injections to Lose Weight

What could be the worst thing you can do to achieve that size zero body like supermodels? A lot of women are dying to have the perfect body like that of ramp models you see in a fashion show. However, achieving such body requires intense dieting and various radical weight loss treatments which may involve the use of pills, injections and plain starvation. Before resorting to such kinds of weight loss treatments, you should at least be responsible enough to know more about these kinds of weight loss treatments.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pills, Injections and Plain Starvation

  • Pills – Pills are one of the most common weight loss products today. There are different kinds of weight loss pills in the market. Most of these pills can be bought without prescription which made it more appealing to people. Weight loss pills can decrease your body’s fat absorption. It can also help you burn more calories in a shorter time. Some women take weight loss pills to decrease their appetite.
  • Though pills have been proven effective to help in losing weight, you must still expect to experience various side effects upon taking it. Included in its side effects are the following: headache, mood swings, loose stools and raised blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Injections – HCG injections can only be used if prescribed by your doctor. Though it has been proven that this kind of medication can work well with some people. You must still use this kind of weight loss treatment with great caution as it may entail various side effects which include irregular level of hormones and cell multiplication. It can be commonly found with people who has cancer.
  • Plain Starvation – One of the most common misconceptions of people who are aiming to get thin is starving themselves quite too much. It is okay to lessen your food intake, but it is not a good idea to starve yourself if you want to shed those fats. Starvation can only cause you to eat more. Yes, you can lose weight by not eating but you can also put yourself at high risk by doing so.

Pills, injections and plain starvation are the kind of weight loss treatment that can put your life in danger. Hence, you must look for alternatives. Like for instance, instead of plain starvation, you can come up with a healthier diet plan that can ensure weight loss. You can also go with natural weight loss technique like working out of your home or gym. There’s nothing more effective than exercising when it comes to losing weight. It can ensure positive results without the risk of harming your body.

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