Save Yourself from Gaining Weight by Drinking Alcohol.

The merry holiday season will surely put you to a test. It will test you if you can control your food intake as well as your alcohol intake. Men become easy preys during this season. With parties left and right, they will be forced to drink more alcohol than they should. On top of that, it will be hard to resist trying out the different foods served in parties. What can be done?

Drinking in Moderation

Will you be able to pass the test? If you follow these drinking in moderation tips, you will pass the holiday eating and drinking test with flying colors.

  • Counting Drinks – To be able to drink in moderation throughout the holiday season, you should count your drinks. Do not lose track of how many glasses you have drunk already. It is an effective drinking in moderation tip to know if you’ve had enough for the night.
  • One Drink Per Hour – Why don’t you try following this rule? Take control of your alcohol intake by limiting yourself to only one standard serving of alcohol per hour. You can drink water or juice in between to keep you hydrated.
  • Look at the Serving Size – The glass you are drinking on actually matters. Straight glasses will make you drink less compared to curved beer glasses. Now, if you don’t have the option to choose which glass to drink. Just pour less on your glass when you drink.

It is important that you have eaten before you start drinking. It should keep you from getting drunk way too early.

Alcohol and Weight

As if the food is not enough to make you gain weight, drinking alcohol will make you gain extra weight. Consider this a reason, why you should start drinking in moderation this holiday season. But how can alcohol make you fat?

When alcohol is in your system, it becomes acetate. The body’s tendency is to burn acetate first. It means that the body will set aside calories, sugar and fats to burn the acetate. The problem is when you keep drinking and eating at the same time. The body won’t be able to burn the acetate and the calories making you gain weight since the calories are just being stored.

Another reason, why drinking in moderation is a must is because alcohol inhibits lipid oxidation. It means that the body will have a hard time burning fat that are already stored in the body. Those fats will go directly to your fat slip making weight loss harder to do.

That being said, you can still have fun and enjoy all the holiday parties you will go to. But, if you are concerned about your health and weight, it is best take control of your cravings.