Oral Vitamin D to Treat Skin Infections

A recent study made in United States of America has put forward that if vitamin D is consumed orally in the form of supplements they can help us prevent many skin illnesses, diseases or infections.

It has been already proved that if there is deficiency of Vitamin D in our body this may lead to very dangerous diseases like cancer and diabetes.

In a recent study it is found that many children and adults are suffering with a skin infection atopic dermatitis from a moderate lever to the serious level.

Atopic dermatitis is a type of infection in which a person suffer with itching, scaling and redness. It may also result in chronic changes. Person suffering with this may develop marks on the skin.

Also many increase the risk of skin diseases due to small pox viruses and herpes virus.

Oral supplements of Vitamin D drastically bolster creation of a chemical in the skin that protects the skin from the infections and skin diseases. This was found in the research that the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine undertook.

But Richard Gallo researchers believe that the study was small and needs further more research, said portal Eureka Alert.

The researchers also said that it needs a further research to assess the long term effects of the oral supplements of Vitamin D. Also that this atopic dermatitis will provide a way to prevent the skin infections and diseases.

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