New Study on Grapefruit Reveals Good News

There are way too many different diets out there, and with so many choices, how is a girl to pick the right one or know which ones actually work? Not to mention the diets that keep coming back “in style!” Some of these fad diets don’t seem to ever die, and some of them really should just gracefully fade off… We, the avid dieters only encourage all of these diets though, because we keep spending our money on the latest weight loss product, adding fuel to the already blazing fire that is the dieting industry.

When you are trying to choose a diet that will work for you, look for recent research on it and follow what the scientists are saying about it. Don’t just blindly believe what the makers of the diet are telling you; you need the advice of an objective third party, which is where researchers come in. Scientists are always working to find an easier way to lose weight and get rid of obesity for good. They always have the public’s best interest in mind when conducting their many studies, so you can feel safe trusting the results of their research.

One particular fad diet that has recently been studied by scientists at a small organization called the Heart and Stroke Foundation (kidding!) is the grapefruit diet. Not that the Heart and Stroke Foundation is promoting living off of grapefruits for days on end; they just studied the effects that grapefruit can have on weight loss and heart health.

The results of their research told the researchers that grapefruit has a valuable compound called naringenin that is responsible for burning fat before the body has a chance to store it. This is great news for those who have always been skeptical about the fat burning properties of grapefruit, and a satisfying “I told you so” moment for those of us who have never doubted the powers of grapefruit.

Scientists at the Heart and Stroke Foundation say that there is still a lot of research to be done on the fat burning qualities of grapefruit, but they are hopeful that the fruit will be able to help fight obesity or even lead to a cure for the quickly growing disease. They definitely do not support the grapefruit diets that only allow drinking grapefruit juice or eating the fruit, but they do think that you can add grapefruit to your daily diet to aid in weight loss. However, you still need to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise to lose weight effectively and keep it off for good.

Researchers warn that anyone who is taking heart medication should consult with their doctor or pharmacist before eating any grapefruit, because this type of fruit can have an adverse effect on some heart meds. You definitely want to be sure on this one! It would be terrible to find out the hard way that your heart meds don’t work so well with grapefruit.

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