Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate of human being is one of the most trustworthy pointer of fitness level. A heart rate monitoring illustrates you your current heart rate. It will permit you to know when you’ve done that bit too much, or too little exercise. There are some heart rate monitors available that do not have a chest strap. These units measure the electrical stimulation of the heart through the finger tips. You will only get an heart rate reading when your fingers touches the sensor. A chest strap of heart rate monitor is one more beneficial as it allows the user to set a training zone alarm and get on with the exercise. After the session the user can evaluate average heart rate, time spent in zone, calories burnt etc.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors can lend an helping hand to you to lose weight and shed excess fast when used in union with a prudent diet plan and exercise program. The ideal training zone for weight loss is approximately, 60-70 percent of your maximum heart rate. Programmable training zones help out you to ensure that you have spend most of your training session in the correct zone. A heart rate monitor correctly controls the intensity and duration of your exercise sessions.


Pedometers are worn on the hip and based on your shakes and body’s movements, your pedometer will count your steps. The moment you enter your stride length, the pedometer will calculate your distance walked and with your weight it can calculate the approximate number of calories burned. Once calibrated the pedometer gives trustworthy distance traveled information, as well as calories burnt that is based on distance traveled, time, age and weight.

You can also make use of your pedometer just to trace your number of steps and distance to traveled.

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