Diet of the Modern Era

People change with time. The values and the culture also tend to change with time. Also the eating habits of the modern man have changed.

Here are the new vegetarian diets of the man in the modern era. According to his comforts the modern man has made ten different types of vegetarian categories namely:

  • Flexitarianism
  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet
  • Veganism
  • Fruitarianism
  • Raw veganism
  • Sproutarianism
  • Saatvik diet
  • Semi-vegetarian
  • Pollotarianism
  • Pescetarianism

Flexitarianism – It a type of vegetarian diet that consist mainly vegetarian food. There can be occasional exceptions which may include some social gathering or for some nutritional reasons.

Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian Diet – It is a vegetarian diet that includes dairy products and egg products but it excludes pork, poultry, beef, fish, shellfish or any kind of animal flesh.

Veganism – This is a form of diet in which any kind of animal food is not used it is strictly avoided for any purpose.

Fruitarianism – This is another form of veganism in which only ripe fruits are eaten.

Raw veganism – It is a mixture of both veganism and raw foods. No animal food is used for any purpose. Raw vegan diet consists of nuts, grains, plant oils, sea vegetables, fresh juices and herbs.

Sproutarianism – It is a form of diet in which only sprouted seeds as a form of raw food is consumed.

Saatvik diet – It is a diet of a yogi or a saint. It includes fruits, bread, vegetables, nuts, grains, beans, milk, honey etc.

Semi-vegetarian – This is type of diet in which only red meat is not consumed.

Pollotarianism – In this type of diet a person eats vegetables, chicken, excluding mammals, fish and meat.

Pescetarianism – This is a dietary choice in this diet a person eats all the combination of vegetables, nuts, beans and fish or sea food.

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