Cup of Yogurt to Negate Risk of Bladder Cancer

For many, yogurt is not more than just a sweet snack. But a recent study reveals that yogurt can cut the risk of cancer. In a study it was found that eating two servings of yogurt can remarkably reduce the chances of developing bladder cancer.

The study which was carried out in Sweden at the Karolinska Institute also reveals that the people who eat two bowls of yogurt regularly can prevent the risk of developing bladder cancer nearly 40 percent as compared to those who do not consume it daily. Although it is a dairy product, no other dairy product proved to be beneficial if consumed regularly.

Researchers said that the bacteria present in yogurt helps to combat the disease. Bladder cancer can be cured but if it is left undetected then it may spread to other parts of the body.

According to ‘The Daily Telegraph’ researchers said that yogurt is a cultured milk product and it contains lactic acid bacteria which suppress the bladder cancer in rats.

They came to a conclusion when they studied over 80,000 patients in nine years that those who consumed fewer yogurts developed the bladder cancer where as those who consumed yogurt regularly did not suffer from the disease at all.

Their study also showed that regular intake of yogurt reduces the risk of cancer to about 45 % in women and 36 % in men, which was published in one of the editions of ‘America Journal of Clinical Nutrition’.

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