Diets that Keep Stars In Great Shape

We common folks always wonder how celebrities keep themselves in tiptop shape. For us, especially women, those tricks celebrities do intrigue us. Who wouldn’t want to a sexy, gorgeous celebrity-like body?

Working out with a personal trainer is how most celebs do it. But they also accompany an exercise routine with a healthy diet. Good thing, some stars have spilled the beans! We are about to check out some “secrets” celebrity diets.

Celebrity Diet Tricks

Protein diet

Cut the carbs and opt for protein-rich food instead. If you want to channel Jennifer Anniston’s body, then this is a way to do it. A protein diet is not only a good way to slim down, but it’s also good for the body’s overall health. Your body will use up stored fats to get pumped up with energy. Protein rich foods include fish, eggs, soya beans and lean meat.

Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks are one of the celebrity diets that’s just uncomplicated and trouble free. Rachel Bilson stays in great shape with her granola bar snacks. When she feels the craving for food, she takes one of these healthy snacks and she’s good to go. So you better have one in your bags as well to curb down your guilty pleasures.

Low calorie frozen treats

Reese Witherspoon maintains her slender yet curvy body with low calorie frozen treats. Instead of having high-calorie sweets, Reese opts to nibble on frozen treats, like yogurt with apples, to control her cravings.

Prune Diet

Prunes are said to have the ability to flatten flabby stomachs. Demi Moore swears to this kind of celebrity diet and claims that prunes can really burn those nasty calories. Prunes are not only a key to trimming down weight; they are also packed with antioxidants that give out a spotless complexion.

5 meals a day diet plan

Angelina Jolie carries out this trick. She takes at least five meals a day, as a substitute to the usual three meals a day. By this method, cravings and starvation are warded off giving her a striking slim body. Giving the body the right amount of calories is the best way to keep yourself from consuming too much.

Portion control

You should be aware of the calorie content of foods you are eating. Well you don’t have to delve the specific amount of calories but you should know what foods contain a lot of calories and what does not. Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are doing this trick to keep themselves in shape. A healthy meal every two hours is Kourtney’s way to curb her cravings. Miley also makes it a point not to consume excessive amounts of calories by doing portion control.

So that’s just a few celebrity diet secrets uncovered. Take note that these tricks are only part of the efforts they make to have the perfectly shaped bodies. To start out your diet plan, you can do one these tricks and be on your way to have bodies just the celebrities.

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